Sat Nam babe (SNB) Mindful Ambassador + Sales Rep


Mamas (and dads/aunties/cool friends, etc.) who heart what we’re doing:

You live anywhere in the world and want to scream from the rooftops to your circle of friends what we’re all about. You probably enjoy: 

  • Sharing new conscious, fun brands that you believe in with friends
  • Enjoy spending (some) time on Instagram
  • Living a pretty healthy, pretty fun, pretty active life with your fave kiddo(s)

We are looking for a handful of SNB mindful ambassadors to:

  • Share SNB on Instagram (@SatNambabe), your fave social media channels and to your circle of friends, by talking about the brand, getting others super pumped about what we’re all about and posting your kiddo(s) in our threads on Instagram/other channels at least 2-3 times per month. We will re-post and tag you!


  • Be the first to know about new SNB products and offers
  • 25% off all SNB purchases for your own kiddos (and your kiddos only!)
  • Unique code that you can share with friends to insert at checkout for free shipping off their first purchase at (free shipping for U.S. only and is also how we keep track of which new customers you bring in)
  • Access to founder – Jennifer Coulombe
  • Connect with other SNB ambassadors

    And the more that you share and get friends excited about us, the more swag we get to give you*

  • Your friends spend $1-$200, you get an SNB headband
  • Your friends spend $201-$399, you get an SNB t-shirt OR onesie
  • Your friends spend $400+, you get an SNB pair of pants, your choice


  • Three months (Mon, April 9, 2018-June 30, 2018), initial 30-minute background/intro call
  • Purchase a minimum of one SNB item for your kiddo (excluding headbands/previous purchases do not count)
  • Posting on Instagram a minimum of 2-3 times per month of your kid(s) in their SNB gear and tagging us
  • Ongoing sharing and promoting to family and friends in your own creative way!


  • Got some fave kids stores and yoga studios in your community? Get them to place a Sat Nam babe wholesale order with us to sell SNB in their stores and you get 15% commission on their first order!

    Sample of cities we are interested in, but not limited to:
    • Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Boulder/Denver, Phoenix, Seattle, London, Toronto

 Interested in becoming an ambassador and/or sales rep? Fill out this quick survey and we’ll be in touch very soon! Deadline is Saturday, March 31.

*To qualify for free swag, friends must use your unique code at checkout. Only valid during three-month duration of ambassador program.