One Minute Mindful Activities For You and Your Babe

 Panting dog breath: Stick out your tongue all the way out below your bottom lip. Start panting like a dog. The naval point will naturally pump in and out during the panting. This is a great detox exercise. Try for one minute with kids, can go up to 5 minutes.

   Cat cow using animal noises: Come onto all fours, so hands are right under shoulders and knees are hip distance apart with a neutral spine. On the inhale, pick your head up and present your heart, letting out a hearty moooo. As you exhale, curl the head and spine and meow. Repeat for one minute. Great to relieve tension  in shoulders, neck and spine, as well as improving flexibility in spine.


Flower and candle breath: In your right hand, pretend you are holding a flower. In your left hand, pretend you are holding a candle. Inhale through the nose to smell the flower and then exhale through the mouth to blow out the candle. Continue this inhale and exhale breath several times, inhaling and exhaling fully each time.

Balloon breath: Close your eyes and put both hands on your stomach. Imagine the color of your balloon, it can be any color. Start to inhale through the nose and blow up your balloon as big as it will go. When you can't hold it any longer, exhale through fluttered lips, just like you would let the air out of a balloon. Repeat this exercise a few times.