It starts with the first step (+ a dream + a leap of faith)

Sat Nam babe is consciously made, yoga-inspired clothing for kids up to age 6 + babies. In Kundalini yoga, the words “Sat Nam” translates to “truth is my identity.” As our littlest kids go through life and are faced with societal pressure, family pressure, etc. may they always be true to themselves and what they were meant to accomplish in this lifetime. In other words, let’s let our kids live their wildest dreams and shoot for the stars!

Supporting an ethical fashion industry

There are so many injustices in the fashion industry (i.e. unsafe factories, child labor, etc) we want to join the list of ethical fashion companies producing conscious baby clothes and kids clothes and be proud of where our products are coming from. So we are saying no to unsafe factories and yes to local as much as possible.

Tees and onesies are organic cotton and Fair Trade certified, printed in sunny California and sewn in India. Fair Trade means that the factory workers we choose to consciously support can actually live a humane, comfortable life. Our luxurious recycled plastic bottle headbands and leggings (think your absolute fave yoga pants) fabric comes from North Carolina, is digitally printed in LA and cut and sewn in New York City in the South Bronx. Yeah!

Sat Nam babe is meant to represent the dreamer in all of us, regardless of age or current situation. Hold steadfast to your dreams and live out your destiny!

Once upon a time...

A young woman moved to New York City three months after graduation. She spent her 20s doing what society tells us to do; work a full-time job, pay the bills, save for retirement, travel a bit. But this young woman never truly felt fulfilled.

 She turned 30 and decided to go to business school while keeping her day job. She took a sustainability in supply chain class and around this time, the Rana Plaza factory explosion happened in Bangladesh, killing more than 1,100 people due to subpar working conditions. While she never previously thought twice about where clothes came from, now the issue was front and center.

After graduating from business school, this woman had a lot of time on her hands, despite still working full time. She deemed 2015 her “year of firsts,” which included running a half marathon, becoming a certified scuba diver + heading to South Africa to become a certified Kundalini yoga teacher.

It was in Cape Town that this woman found her voice. During 12+ hour days of meditation, yoga + classroom learning, subconscious thoughts were cleared, making a path for this woman to find the strength and courage to leave her full-time job and go after her destiny, to take a leap of faith.

In March 2016, Sat Nam babe was born in an East Village NYC coffee shop, where she whispered her idea to a long-time friend, who told her to sprint to the finish and create a minimum viable product to test in market.

As our kids go through life and are faced with societal pressure + challenges, may they always stay true to their wildest dreams and live out their destiny in this lifetime. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Jennifer Coulombe, Sat Nam babe founder and CEO
Photo credit: Chelsea Mazur Photography