The Power of 730 days: how to mindfully leave a job (or accomplish ANY big dream) and get out of your own way

Roughly two years ago - a little over 730 days - I quit my full-time job for a new path, with the dream to find a job where I can work on a flexible schedule from anywhere in the world. I said goodbye to a full-time salary and the need to show up to an office five days a week. I said hello to a part time gig that was half of what I used to make, but still pays the bills, funds my international wanderlust, complete obsession with Wholefoods and most importantly, the ability to work most of the time highly stress free, knowing the bills are covered, on my first company, Sat Nam babe.

The reality is, employment is changing rapidly. By 2020, 50% of the American workforce will be comprised of freelancers. 50 percent! These stats scream opportunity. Have you continued to tell yourself the same old story that you could never leave your job or current life situation, because of [fill in 100 excuses here].

The reality is, yes, it’s important to have an emergency fund, health coverage and retirement savings and to be able to pay your bills. However, when you start to peel back the fear and excuses that get in the way of a newer, more fulfilling life, uncertainty of the future is not something to be feared; it’s something to embrace wholeheartedly and let itself naturally unfold in front of you.

 So how can you get to this point, to be able to lead with your heart, but to also be super practical? It’s a very delicate balance, but certainly doable with an action plan and support:

  • Excuses excuses Write a list of every fear or excuse you feed yourself for not leaving your current situation. Be super honest and capture it all. Revisit each point and start to work on potential solutions to these blocks. Once the fear is broken down one by one and solutions written in front of you, there’s huge opportunity to start imagining real change.

  • Support system Find an outlet that empowers you to move through blocks. My go to outlet that has literally changed my life (and main reason I was able to confidently launch Sat Nam babe) has been Kundalini yoga. These teachings are insanely powerful, working on the cellular level to create new, healthier patterns in your life. It’s a complete overhaul for the mind, body and soul. Find your empowerment outlet and lean into it hard.
  • Drop society’s standards. NOW. Drop the idea that you need to own property or x type of fancy car, have a certain title, climb the corporate ladder to achieve “success,” etc. before you can [insert dream here]. Our society is so overly obsessed into believing those ideologies that are engrained into our society. Isn’t it way cooler to be the paver of your own destiny, where you’ll truly make your mark on the world, regardless of title, money in the bank, etc.? It really doesn’t matter, so get over yourself and these ideologies stat!

  • Purge and instantly feel lighter I can fit 90% of the entire contents of my life in my tiny Brooklyn bedroom. I love the idea that I am not physically and emotionally weighed down by stuff. Whether you realize it consciously or not, stuff weighs us down. It hinders us from moving into the best and lighter version of our self. SO start that purging. I love Poshmark to offload name brand jewelry and clothes and Craigslist for everything from furniture to appliances to bikes. And many local farmer’s markets accept ANY and ALL clothes/textiles, so anything that is not sellable or not in good enough condition to donate, they will properly dispose of it so it doesn’t end up in your local landfill.

 It’s been a little over 730 days since I said goodbye to my full-time job of almost nine years. And you better believe I followed all of the above steps to make this happen and have no regrets whatsoever. My exit strategy was planned as best as it could have, coupled with some luck and trusting the universe tenfold. And here I am, running a company, growing and learning every day and never, ever dreading Monday mornings.

 See how progress can be made with some determination and a plan. Check out:

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