Socially conscious holiday gifts for those who crave less

I love the holidays, but think the consumerism of it all is way too much. The more presents a parent can stuff under a Christmas tree, the better parent you are, right? Your kids will be happier as they accumulate more stuff? And how about all that unnecessary packaging, unnecessary pesticides, unregulated ingredients and the list goes on…

What if you could just buy smarter, buy less, buy more consciously and put your purchasing power toward companies who are trying to make this planet a bit better and make you a bit healthier? I’d even dare to say that you’ll actually feel lighter by shopping more consciously, beginning with this holiday season.

 Here’s my top five ideas for a more conscious holiday shopping experience:

  • For the baby that grows too fast (isn’t that every baby?) – Meet Sprout Fit, onesies, pants and bibs that adjust with your baby and toddler as they grow, in two sizes, 0-12 mos and 12-24 mos. Seriously, genius idea! I know this mama founder and she is allll about the sustainability, using eco-friendly fabrics and producing in the USA, consciously partnering with suppliers. Sprout Fit is the real deal and represents what the future of fashion should be – mindful, ethical, less waste.
  • For the person who doesn’t like wearing pesticides on their skin – Skin care and cosmetics without harmful ingredients? Bring it on. From Beautycounter’s founder: “I thought, we live in a country that regulates everything. Companies are allowed to use harmful ingredients and make their own judgments about safety.” As a test, spend 15 minutes in your bathroom and read the ingredients in some of your tried and true beauty products. If a five-year old doesn’t know how to pronounce an ingredient, chances are, do you really want to be absorbing it on your skin? Heck no! Bring on the safe products starting this holiday season with Beautycounter. With every purchase of the Mini Oils Holiday set, Beautycounter will donate a set to patients at the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (JCCC)—a trailblazing destination for research, education, and patient care. 

  • For the person who would like their gifts without a side of plastic – Leave it up to a millennial in Brooklyn to come up with this concept, a shop where you can mindfully shop without all of the unnecessary packaging and so accurately called Package Free Shop. Shopping that promotes zero waste and proving that this lifestyle is possible. Ah-mazing. And did I mention the founder can fit five years of trash in one mason jar? I’m def buying these reusable produce sacks to eliminate one time use plastic bags when at the grocery store.

  • For the woman who appreciates when her workout gear is not see through – Love Haven Collective for their mindful approach to leggings and workout gear. Fabrics sourced from eco-conscious mills and sewn in the U.S. with the mission to provide a HAVEN for bodies in motion. Clean and classic silhouettes and designs sure to last for a long time after we set those New Year resolutions.
  • The experience of a lifetime In lieu of presents (or cutting down on the sheer number of presents) plan a trip to somewhere you haven’t been before. Perhaps it’s an overnight adventure to a place you’ve been meaning to check out or a bigger family vacation, that even gets you outside your comfort zone a bit. And your kiddos are exposed to new places and memories that are sure to last beyond another toy. 

 Happiest of holidays to you and your family this holiday season. May this season bring you more joy, more mindfulness and more love than ever before.

-Jen/Founder Sat Nam babe



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