So we launched and people like us - now what?!

I was sitting at my co-working space typing away yesterday and started smiling really big. It was that exact moment that reminded me what I really like about working on my own company: there is no red tape, nada, none! I can do whatever I want, when I want and get s*&t done fast. And I love that big time.

 While Sat Nam babe is still very much in startup mode, I feel an enormous sense of success every single day. It’s not about if the company will grow and scale and be a success, it’s about when and what that exact path looks like to grow and scale.

 I say all this in full confidence because the second half of 2017 (when I had actual inventory) was a huge test year. I wanted to see how customers whom I’ve never met before, took to the product and if they were actually buying. And they did. Summer and holiday markets proved pretty quickly that there is an absolute opportunity in the market for kids’ yoga-inspired clothes that are crafted sustainably, mindfully and have a positive message to tell.

 And let’s be honest, in the world of numerology and astrology (yep, I’ve totally been into this lately), I am in an “8” year personally, which equates to the year I’m supposed to be making money (bring it on) and my sign (Sagittarius) is also supposed to do very well financially this year (high fives to the other Sags reading this!)

 SO in the spirit of having the fire under me to want to grow and this being my show me the money(!) year in numerology, I know this year is going to be a pivotal year for Sat Nam babe.

 A big piece that I’m starting to think about now is distribution and the best strategy. Here’s what I’m currently working through how to best approach distribution:

  • Direct to consumer (in my mind, this is ideal, but need a strong marketing/e-commerce plan, a loyal online following and budget for a heck of a lot of social media ads);
  • Wholesale via a Showroom partner (least ideal, because showroom costs can be verrry steep). Idea would be to join a NYC based kids showroom and they sell my products on my behalf to kids clothing stores all over the US and abroad. Now while this sounds like it could be fantastic, I have heard showrooms favor bigger brands over smaller brands, etc. so finding the right fit is key.
  • Wholesale via Jen doing the direct outreach to clothing stores directly The downside to wholesale is that I barely make any money off wholesale orders because I don’t yet have economies of scale, however, wholesale orders move inventory and cash keeps coming in that I can pump back into the business. And it’s also really fun to see Sat Nam babe in stores!
  • Selling wholesale via children’s trade shows through a booth An option. Again a pricey option to have the booth space and then deal with having to sell via wholesale pricing, but it’s an option as we get bigger and move toward better economies of scale.

  • Selling on Amazon I met a guy over the summer and 95% of his business is selling on Amazon. He literally showed me his phone as orders were coming in and naturally, has fulfillment centers across the country to fulfill the orders. It was really quite something to see. This is an avenue we are definitely going to test in the near future, as Amazon entry fees for smaller companies are low.

  • In person festivals and pop up markets – This is where the company currently shines. When people see the clothes in person, it’s a no brainer. They get the company. They get what it stands for and see the quality of the clothes. Sat Nam babe will definitely be popping up this year in Brooklyn and Manhattan and beyond!
  • Investors Starting to tune into the world of outside capital. Sat Nam babe is still so new that we’d be looking at angel investing at this point, who traditionally are taking on bigger risk so get more equity in your company. I’m not there yet. But am keeping all options open because things happen so fast and I may meet an amazing angel (yoga kid loving) investor tomorrow or next month. You just never know.

 So this is what I am working through right now. Continuing to push earned media hits with a lot of balls in the air, being way more active on Instagram to get new followers organically, interviewing social media agencies to get an ad strategy possibly up and going, working with an expert to optimize my SEO and so much more.

But it’s fun. It’s so fun. And nearing a big two year anniversary which will be what the next post is all about.





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  • Hi Jen,
    I saw your bio career snippet in the 2017 alumni journal. I think what your doing is amazing and I’ve dreamt of doing the same. I didn’t go to business school like yourself, I became a teacher. I have been teaching for 10 years and took a break to take care of my mom. My three year old loves it as I home school her. I ponder on new career moves and kids shop that’s hip yet educational and enlightening for our next generation is what I would love to venture in.
    I think what your doing is awesome and in Texas your idea is not a commodity. There is a strong clientele for it for sure. (I am one!!)
    Anyway I just wanted to stop by and say way to go and we will SUpport you.

    Best Regards fellow SU alum,
    Johvonne Howard
    Laguna Vista, TX

    Johvonne Howard

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