Leaping into 2019: aka getting over my fear of paid ads + finding the Kardashians

Sat Nam babe made it through its first full year as a fully launched company in 2018. SO exciting! I credit much of still being in business to constantly being open to pivoting when things don't work and being resourceful when it comes to organic marketing (I think I spent all of $20 this year on paid ads, freaked out and stopped the campaign!) But I'm slowly getting over that for 2019, keep reading below...

As I reflect on the company from the past 12 months, here's what rises to the top:

+ : Page 1 of Google, booyah: When you search "kids yoga clothes" on Google, Sat Nam babe is on page 1!  I worked hard during the first quarter of this year to get Sat Nam babe there organically and it worked. The simple secret? In your PR outreach to reporters, bloggers, etc. ask them to use your exact phrase of choice in their article and simply link to your website. That's it!

+ : People who aren't my friends and family found us this year online: 
Sat Nam babe started with friends + family support through an iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign and I'm beyond thankful for that early boost of support! However this year, people who I don't know started finding the company online - we'd get an order from someone's Babylist registry or an order from when we were in Yoga Journal or The Bump or featured on Side Hustle School. These media hits may have not yielded hundreds of orders, but I celebrate every.single.order that comes in, especially from strangers (who are now part of the Sat Nam babe family!) The secret to some of this PR? Join HARO, it's free. Religiously scan every email and pitch those reporters your amazing product or service.

+: Realllyyy learning who our target customer is: When I launched the company, I envisioned moms who go to yoga, eat local/organic and who wear Lululemon like its their job, would be my main customer. She may still be a big customer for us some day as we grow and get our name out more, but since launch, our two biggest customers have been grandparents (we love all of you!!) and people looking for gifts. It's hysterical to witness in person at pop up markets; moms are sooo over the clothes shopping, yet grandparents are always on their game!

+: We started with A LOT of inventory for a small company: When I launched Sat Nam babe in March 2017 with a crowdfunding campaign, I thought I was being very conservative when it came to the level of inventory I started with. The reality is that I was spot on for the t-shirts and sold out of those fast/was able to offer a few new designs since launch and even a onesie that people have really dug this year for baby gifts. However, pants are much harder and laborious to manufacture than tees. A bit of a math error happened in the process and I ended up with probably one third more leggings than anticipated. Not only am I still selling these leggings (thankfully the bugs sell really well!) but a lot of cash was tied up in inventory. 

The learning for me here is for our second collection, I am only introducing one third of the designs right now and being super conservative in how much I manufacture. When I sell out, I sell out, which means that a) if you like a design, be sure to order it! and b) hopefully I can introduce more designs from the second collection possibly as early as this Spring.

SO Hey 2019, here's what I'm getting pumped about:

+: I'm going after the Kardashians (or some A List celebrity/big media hit): 
Not only would little True look stunning in the bug pants (and isn't it fitting that our companies' name translates to "truth is my identity?!" Maybe it's meant to be!) but one celebrity baby in those pants is BIG for naturally getting more people to know about this little socially conscious yoga-inspired kids clothing company that packs a big punch! I also want to use my former life in PR to hone in on an A-list media hit such as Vogue (dream placement) or The Today Show (anyone know Hoda's people?!)

+: Biting the Bullet and Paying for (Some) Ads: I met earlier this year with the founder of Rose & Rex and despite her being insanely sweet and humble (she's a former pre-school teacher) she launched this amazing curated toy company prior to when I launched Sat Nam babe. She shared with me that it takes time to hone in on getting Instagram ads and other social media ads to work and be on point, but once you can get into a good rhythm, the return is there.

And as I've watched her company grow, I am taking this advice to heart, so will begin to experiment with *some* paid social ads starting early next year.

+: Entertain a take back program: Eileen Fisher's Renew initiative has inspired me for years and I love that this company is a true leader in the fashion sustainability space. As a self proclaimed minimalist, I have without a doubt struggled with bringing a kids clothing company to market when we all know that kids grow so fast. I hate the idea of waste and clothes ending up in landfills in third world countries (and yes, that can happen even when you drop stuff at your local Goodwill).

While I 100% believe that less is more especially for our littlest ones who grow so fast, passing down clothes when kids grow out of them and shopping second hand whenever possible, I'd love to instill a take back program for Sat Nam babe. The general premise is you can send back your worn Sat Nam babe and either I will re-sell the clothes at a discount on SatNambabe.com or responsibly recycle them. In return, you get a % off your next Sat Nam babe purchase. 

So in a nutshell, that's 2018 for you and a look to 2019! Thank you SO much for your unwavering support.

Sat Nam,


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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