Happy One Year Birthday Sat Nam babe – five tips for launching a business with minimal hiccups in year one

Celebrations are great – birthdays, anniversaries, promotions – any time we can toast to those sweet moments, I’m all for it!

One year ago today, Sat Nam babe became “official” on paper. I remember sitting in my lawyer’s office in NYC on a Friday afternoon - Good Counsel is simply the best - and with their help, submitting paperwork to become an LLC. All that dreaming, scheming and planning to make this seed of an idea a reality from early 2016 to that moment was coming to fruition. As a first-time entrepreneur, what a rush of excitement!

Boy has launching a startup been quite the wild ride – SO much learning to still do, but getting up every day knowing the decisions, direction and dreams of the company live fully in my hands and heart is beyond words indescribable.

Photo courtesy of Charity Grace

Here are my top five tips that I’ve learned this year as a new entrepreneur (and a little walk down memory lane!)

  • Go with your intuition – perhaps it seems intuitive, but seriously, intuition doesn’t lie! The two biggest mistakes that have cost me both time and money were a result of not following my intuition.

  • Get everything in writing and insure packages because well, s*^% happens – Planned this ah-mazing opportunity with a yoga festival, where Sat Nam babe kids clothes are shipped to VA, festival sells clothes in official merch tent on consignment and this founder doesn’t need to trek down to VA from NYC for three full days. Win, right? Wrong! The unsold goods being returned got LOST in the mail due to my address being off by one digit. Luckily, we had an agreement and the festival eventually covered the lost goods after two months and countless hours of yours truly trying to track the package and ultimately get payment. So yeah that was fun. Protect yourself and your goods because something is bound to go wrong at some point!

  • Don’t pay for things you can get for gratis, i.e. legal advice, accounting advice, photography, etc. etc. This post goes into detail on the beautiful world of free resources for entrepreneurs.

  • Be super honest about pivoting where needed and do it fast –It’s been fun to try a lot of things and see what’s working and what is not. Don’t be scared to pivot off your original course and allow yourself to be really nimble and flexible. Example? Setting up a pop up shop event at a yoga studio where the average age yogi is 23 years young just isn’t my target market (the mindful Grandma though? Absolutely!). Think about the opportunity cost of spending six hours of your Saturday at an event vs. doing something else that could be moving the needle.

  • Celebrate every single win, big or small Starting a company is no joke; the passion 100% has to be there because the hours can be long and the brain doesn’t switch off any more like it did when I worked a 9-5. SO with that increased responsibility, wins must always be celebrated, because it’s the little wins that add up to big ones over time.

Happy birthday to my first baby, Sat Nam babe. It’s so sweet launching a company that wants to inspire our littlest citizens and their parents to live with purpose, to make mindful, conscious decisions when it comes to clothing purchases and to always – always – stay true to those wild and unconventional dreams.

Sat Nam,
Jen/proud founder, Sat Nam babe

Photos courtesy of some amazing moms and dads who are spot on when it comes to capturing fun moments of their kids in SNB!

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