GUEST BLOG POST: Mindfulness, as told firsthand by a working mama of two

Written by Jena Carey, Sat Nam babe mindful ambsassador


It’s THE hot topic. Time Magazine gave the movement a cover and multiple page coverage. As a new mother, for the second time, who works full time plus doing several side jobs, the idea of being mindful takes on a completely different meaning.
Many women in the same boat as I feel the same way- we just don’t have enough time or energy in the day. So how can we be a bit more mindful?  Simple, small moments at a time. 
  • Take in the simple moments Breathe in the scent of your child’s hair before you leave them for the day, then think of the scent when you take a moment when feeling stressed. When talking with your ever talkative child, ate a moment to really look at their eyes- are they changing colours? What other colours can you see in their eyes? Stop for a moment and watch your kinderlin sleep- notice their breathing, their movements, just notice the little features that make them them. How is it that watching a sleeping child is so relaxing?!
  • Connect deeply What about your spouse or partner?  Hold hands, look at them often, smile often. When you talk about the day, really listen and engage- sometimes we hear to answer, but take some time this week hearing to listen. It makes all the difference in being mindful. 

  • Embracing mindfulness in schools There have been several articles lately on schools using mindfulness, meditation, and yoga instead of detention and in school suspension for misbehavior. Fantastic idea! Let’s channel that energy into a positive direction and teach our young a better way to change their behavior for the good. Research studies show an improvement of negative behavior patterns reversed with mindfulness training. 

  • Planetary love How are we treating this amazing planet we’ve been gifted? One little part I’m working on is my use of plastic straws.  Do you really even need a straw?  This article that recently highlights just how mindless I’ve been about a tiny little thing. Recently, the Salt Lake City Zoo has banned plastic straws in favor of paper ones. 
There are several conferences now solely focused on mindfulness, including this upcoming one in Amsterdam. How awesome that is!
A Harvard study even correlated mindfulness plays a role in healthcare. 
It is truly amazing how just being a little mindful can really change our lives and our environment.
Let’s spend a minute a day being more mindful and see what that does!  A minute is a short time, but can add up and transform when we allow ourselves that mindful minute. 

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