Collection 2 Presale Countdown on Thanksgiving - Prints Prints Prints!

by Jennifer Coulombe, founder Sat Nam babe

When I launched Sat Nam babe in Spring 2017, I received an overwhelming amount of love and support from friends and family. Almost $11,000 raised through an iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign helped launch this company - a company that wants to set an example for how the fashion industry CAN be ethical and consumers who support it CAN do better.

What inspired me to launch this company (and continue to grow as I reveal the second collection on Thanksgiving?!) The Rana Plaza factory fires that happened in Bangladesh in 2013, killing over 1100 people, many of them women. Many of our favorite big brands were found in this factory. Brands that we all support and don't think twice about buying after a visit to our local mall. The doors of this factory were locked. Managers knew the building was in disarray and still required people to show up for work. And what choice did they have in Bangladesh, a third world country with no other options for survival than to show up for work?

We simply can do better. And that's why Sat Nam babe exists, to show up in the fashion world with a new perspective on consumerism.

First, the words "Sat Nam" mean truth is my identity." I can't think of a better message to send to our littlest kids, to live in their truth. 

Second, no fashion supply chain is perfect but I take the manufacturers that I choose to partner with and fabrics that make up the products very seriously. As part of the second collection, I am so excited to share that the organic cotton harem pants will be fully made in the US, allowing me to keep a closer eye and manage the supply chain.

Lastly, as a proud self-proclaimed minimalist, it's funny to think that I launched a clothing company, especially for kids who grow insanely fast. My message is simple: buy more consciously, a few well made, consciously made pieces that you and your kids love and cherish. And when they grow out of them, pass them down to friends and family (or others in need) who will get more joy out of the lively prints and positive mantras.

The second collection complete with lively new prints that rival our first collection prints, will be available for presale for 4 weeks starting on Thanksgiving, likely shipping in late winter/early spring of 2019.

A successful presale will be key to ensuring I can bring this new collection to market in early 2019, so look forward to your unwavering support and orders starting on Thanksgiving - Nov 22!

Thank you and Sat Nam,





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