A Day in the Life of a Startup (part I)…

People have asked me what I do all day running a socially conscious kids clothing startup. People are also perplexed that I can get up each morning and know what I need to work on. I totally get that coming from an office setting where a boss and company will dictate what you have to work on. The answer in a nutshell is going with my intuition on what will move the needle the most as a new company in its infancy, still testing a concept in the market with no outside funding.

 SO I wanted to give those who are intrigued a glimpse into a work day earlier this week. In the spirit of being entirely honest, I had a good friend in town for my birthday and wanted to maximize time with her, so the day was definitely more social in nature than usual (yet super fun and still productive).

 Mon, Dec 4:

 9:45-11am: Meet out of town friend in Brooklyn for breakfast, want to see her as much as possible before she heads back to DC. To do list for day basically goes to heck!

 12-12:40pm: Meeting with one of my mentors, who is a professor at FIT and has a long career in the fashion industry. In a short but productive 40 minutes, we talked everything from product pricing to the real challenges of e-commerce and customer acquisition online with zero ad budget, to questions I had around plugging into a children’s showroom in the Garment District to move more product (hint: this will be a significant part of my early 2018 work) to the Rent the Runway accelerator application I threw together late last week including a full on investor pitch deck (I heard about the program 48 hours before application was due, but got it DONE!) to possibly debuting a new tee and leggings design for Spring timing to continuing to have a presence at in person events since they have proven successful and more. A LOT to cover in just 40 minutes, but speaking to him and bouncing questions off of him was beyond helpful!

12:45-2:30pm More quality time with my out of town friend including Union Square holiday market fun. These markets are SO expensive to join as a new vendor and a huge time commitment, but one woman I heard speak at a pitch event earlier this year said she made well into the five figure range last holiday season at this market! Mental note as I took in the excitement of this market to possibly re-visit becoming a vendor for next year.

3-6pm Rarely work out of coffee shops, but had to do work and kill time before a networking event run by my dear friend. Responded to work emails for my gig that pays the bills (I work part time remotely for a global health NGO), got excited to see Sat Nam babe in a gifts with impact holiday gift guide , shared this media placement across social media and responded to several other email correspondences to plant seeds with potential partners.

 6-7:15pm Happy hour networking event with lovely professional women. Got to catch up with some good friends and make new ones. A friend and advisor told me to limit the number of networking events I go to, as many times, it’s just prolonging actual work that needs to be done. I couldn’t agree more, so tend to limit the number of events that I attend overall, but couldn't wait for this particular event to catch up with my friends!

 This is part I of several “a day in the life…” snapshots that I plan on sharing during the month of December, as Sat Nam babe experiences its very first holiday season as a company.

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