18 months In – A Little Walk Down Memory Lane from our Founder

The momentum for Sat Nam babe started when I whispered the idea to a friend in a coffee shop in the East Village NYC in March 2016 on International Women’s Day. My dream to be a fashion designer started as a teenager, but who really and truly follows their dreams? I did not for many years. Until I decided to consciously make a radical change in my life and start to live out my wildest dreams.

In June 2013, I was in business school taking a sustainability in supply chain class. The Rana Plaza Factory Fires in Bangladesh had just happened, killing over 1100 garment workers. For the first time in my life, I stopped and questioned, who makes my clothes? And who makes all the stuff that is crammed into my tiny apartment?

Fast forward to 2015 – business school completed and while still working full time at the same job, I had a newfound amount of spare time on my hands. I coined 2015 my “year of firsts” which included a 3 week Kundalini yoga teacher training in Cape Town, South Africa. It was during this training that subconscious blocks I didn’t even realize were there, lifted; I felt free, creative and inspired to make a big change.

In March 2017, I birthed my first company as a first time entrepreneur on iFundWomen to over 200 friends + family who believed in the company, learning as I go – a company that brings light and positivity to the world in its own unique way. A company that brings smiles to people’s faces of all ages at pop up markets, makes us all want the little clothes in “our size” and most importantly, allows us to stop and think, even if it’s for a moment, how can we each be a more mindful consumer on this planet?

Launching a company (as a one woman show, no less!) is not for the faint of heart; it’s long hours (on top of another full time job). It’s pure trial and error of what works and what doesn’t. It’s constant problem solving. It’s not taking a salary this early on so cash can be pumped back into the company to help it grow. It’s dedicating entire weekends at a time to pop up markets to expose new people to the brand from the ground up and to also move inventory. It’s hard work so you better believe in your product and your company’s mission!

And luckily I do. I believe in the power of us all following our dreams, no matter our age (would you believe my biggest fans to date at pop up markets have been hip, mindful grandmas?! They love the brand and are my biggest spenders!), and encouraging our kids – the next generation of leaders - to not be afraid of failure (as long as the bills can still be paid along the journey!) Think about how much better the world would be if we all lived in our truth, were fearless and did what we were meant to accomplish in this lifetime.

March 2017: Screenshot from the Sat Nam babe crowdfunding video

I also believe in business being a force for good. I’m happy knowing that every sale of Sat Nam babe (or any other conscious company – by the way, Done Goodis an incredible resource for shopping more consciously this holiday season and Sat Nam babe is proud to be a part of their e-commerce site!) helps our world get one step closer to where we should be – consuming less and supporting companies that actually bring more good than harm to this world through more ethical manufacturing practices.

Thank you for the continued support!

Sat Nam,

Jen/Sat Nam babe founder + CEO








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